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Application videos show how it works

We would like to support the coat care in the application directly at home. Our application videos explain in many language variants, which product combinations (brushes, clippers and care accessories) fix the "problems" in the fur. Through the correct application, the customer feels safe, the products are much more durable and the beloved pet as well as the user are happy with their fur care package for a long time.

For each of our clippers there is a filmed application, which not only shows how the clipper works, but also how the coat is best prepared, or how the dog should be held while grooming.
According to the model dog, all brushes and their function are presented. In addition to the application videos, there are also other videos, such as a video specifically for paw care, one for removing matted fur, for the undercoat and one with general tips on for grooming in general.

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June 2021