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Horse Clipping Guide

You have read our blog post "How do I find the right clipper?" and would now like to have all information about the WAHL Professional and LISTER clipper range at a glance? No problem with our clipping guide!

Here is a short video explaining how to use it:

The first step is to decide how many horses you want to clip. In the guide, the categories are "1 horse", "1-4 horses" and "More than 4 horses" in the upper right corner.

The second step is to consider what type of clip you use most often (by the way, on the first page of the guide you will find three popular styles). Are you looking for detail work, do you want to use partial clip to help the horse(s) balance the temperature, or do you prefer a full clip? You can find these three types of clips as a column directly under the number of horses.

Following the column, the third step is to determine which machine is suitable for the coat structure of your horse(s). You will find the legend for the coat types in the upper left corner next to the number of horses. For example, if you are clipping two horses, one with a easy, smooth, fine coat and one with a thick, wiry coat, you should buy a machine that is designed for the thick, wiry coat, because it will cut the fine coat without difficulty. However, if you choose a machine for easy fur and want to clip wiry coat with it, the machine may not work to your full satisfaction. Therefore, always consider the most difficult coat type.

Once you have determined the appropriate coat type in the table, you can move to the left on this/these line(s) and see there which clipper from WAHL Professional and LISTER is suitable for you and your horse(s).

On page 1 you will also find three useful tips for the best clipping results and long-lasting machines and blade sets: 
  1. Wash or at least brush your horse
  2. Organise suitable blankets
  3. Oil: Before, after and every 5 to 10 minutes during clipping!

March 21