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What to avoid to get the perfect clipping result!

These are come common issues that could keep you from getting that flawless clipping result.

Your horse is too dirty: 

Have you cleaned your horse properly before clipping? No? That’s probably why the blades aren’t cutting properly anymore. Make sure you clean your horse well before clipping, ideally washing it but at least brushing out all the dirt with a stiff bristled brush or curry comb.

Using dirty blades: 

A common reason this striped result ends up on your horse is because you may not have cleaned your blades to a good degree since the last time you used them. After every use the sets must be cleaned properly and oiled to store them.

Your blades are dull: 

Dull blades can tug on the coat and skin of your animal, so keep a check on how sharp they are. Use official WAHL Service partners to sharpen the blades regulary or inverst in new blade sets.

Your blades are not tensioned correctly: 

For the Adore, Adelar Pro, KM Cordless and Avalon the blade sets are pre-tensioned so this is not a concern. Our bigger clippers (Star, Liberty, Legend and Fusion Clipper) fortunately have intelligent tensioning systems, making it super easy to set the correct pressure always! Just tighten the nut down until it stops and turn it back 1 and ½ up to 2 turns, within this frame you can see what works best for the clippers and the coat type.

Not enough oil: 

You might not be using enough oil on your blades, causing the metal to metal friction which causes them to heat up and not cut correctly. Remember to oil every 5-10 minutes of use, and before and after the clip.

Position and guidance of the machine: 

The complete cutting set should be in contact with the coat. If you position the blade at a different angle, the machine may cut the hair closer to the skin, resulting in unsightly areas where the coat is shorter.

In all areas of life, the same applies to clipping: Practice makes perfect!

August 2021