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Which is the right clipper for me? 

Whether for cattle or horses - WAHL Professional offers the right solution for different animals and applications. 

Learn more about the different types of clippers and trimmers to choose the right one for your needs and your horse: 

Cordless Clipper/ Battery Clipper

What are the different types of clippers? 

  • Ideal for details on the head and legs or clipping patterns.   
  • Quieter, lighter, smaller, more maneuverable than large clippers.  
Cordless clippers/ clippers with battery pack   
  • More flexible and safer to work with, as not tied to cables. This means that neither handler nor animal can step on the cable or get tangled in it, which increases safety for both.   
Corded clippers
  • Often more powerful than battery powered clippers, thus slightly faster clipping   
  • No limitation by battery life  

What type of clip do I want to do? 

Full clip 
  • The entire horse, except for tail and mane is clippedA full clip is most suitable for horses that train intensively and/or participate in competitions. It is important to ensure that the animals do not get cold despite the short coat.  
  • For full clipping, both battery-operated and corded clippers are suitable. However, both the coat structure of the horse and the number of horses to be clipped in a row must be taken into account. More about this under the next point.  
Part clip 
  • There are several types of part clips, depending on the rider's preference and the horse's area of work. A popular example is the trace clip, where half of the coat is clipped midway along the body. This clip is suitable for horses that are exercised moderately and are out on pasture during the day. However, all variations that are practical for rider and animal are possible 
  • Both battery-powered clippers and corded devices are suitable for partial clipping. Again, the number of horses and coat structure should be considered. 
Detail clip 
  • For fine work on the head and legs, as well as clipping patterns, trimmers are most suitable. 

How many horses do I want to clip in succession and what is their coat like? 

  • The more horses you want to clip in a row, the more sense it makes to invest in a more powerful clipper. Most battery-powered devices will come to their limits when more than four horses are clipped in a row. The correct ventilation of the motor and cutting set also play an increasingly important role the more animals are to be clipped in succession.   
  • The more complex the structure of the coat, i.e. the thicker, woollier, wavier the hairs are, the more powerful the device needs to be

These questions and answers should help you choose the right clipper for your needs. It depends on what kind of clipper you would like to use, what you would like to clipper on your horse, what the coat is like, and how many horses you want to clipper in a row. 
 Dec. 2020