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How do I store my clippers and blade sets?

If you don't clip your horse year-round, be sure to properly store the clippers and blade sets so they are ready to use at the start of the next clipping season.

Cleaning the blade sets
First and foremost, you should remove the cutting set from the clipper, brush off any remaining hair and spray the blades with cleaning spray to clean them. After cleaning, dry the blades thoroughly and then oil them with clipper oil to prevent rust.

Storing the blades
You can store cutting/blade sets in an oiled cloth. Tip: If you have several sets of blades, you can wrap them as described and store them safely in a lunch box.

Cleaning the clippers
Nothing beats a clean clipper. Check them from top to bottom, brush the clipper head thoroughly with the brush provided. To clean the clipper head itself, use a soft cloth to remove dirt or oil. Clean and examine the detachable air filter if you have an Avalon, Star, Legend or Fusion Clipper. If you notice any damage to the clipper or cord, we recommend having it checked by a professional, as this problem will only get worse over time.

Tip: Be proactive! Have the machine serviced by an official WAHL service partner now in the spring. When clipping season starts the rush is on. The same goes for sharpening the blade sets.

Storage of the clipper

After thorough cleaning, you can store the clipper in the supplied packaging, so it is protected from environmental conditions.

Tip: On our YouTube channel we have short tutorials on how to take care of your machines. Check out our channel here.

April 2021