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Washing horses: Here's what you should keep in mind

How often the horse is washed with water and shampoo depends entirely on the preferences of the owner and the horse: Does the horse like water, how sensitive is the horse's skin, what are the conditions in the stable, etc.?

Sometimes less is more, it is not necessary to shampoo every time the horse bathes.  When shampooing, care should be taken to ensure that the shampoo is suitable for horses. The WAHL Professional shampoo range is suitable for both horses and dogs and offers the right product for every type of coat. All WAHL shampoos are diluted with water before washing, which makes them particularly easy to work in.

Besides the obvious purpose of ridding the horse of dirt and making the coat particularly shiny, e.g. for tournaments, washing also offers other advantages. During the coat change, washing removes dead skin cells and old hairs from the skin, which reduces itching.

Itching caused by allergies can also be remedied. Especially for horses with allergies and sensitive skin, but also for all other horses, the shampoo should first be tested on a small area of skin for tolerability.

In the summer, you can cool down the horse by washing it. However, to ensure that the temperature shock is not too great for the horse, it should be left to rest after exercising to cool down, lower its pulse and the water should not be too cold. It's best to start with the legs when wetting and then the rump, croup and neck afterwards.

Here is a checklist of what to look for when washing your horse:

  • Weather: in order for the horse to dry quickly and not catch a cold, the outside temperature should be warm enough.
  • Drying: Useful utensils to help the horse dry are a welding knife (for example, the WAHL sweat scraper with rubber lip) and towels to dry certain parts, such as the legs (for example, WAHL bamboo towel).
  • Washing: To remove dirt and also clean sensitive areas such as the head and genital area, it is a good idea to use sponges or washcloths. Important here: use a separate sponge/washcloth for each area so that no bacteria are transferred. The shampoo can be optimally worked in with a rubber curry (e.g. WAHL rubber curry) or rubber glove, at the same time you give your horse a pleasant massage.
  • Acclimatization: Accustom your horse slowly to water and washing, like everything else, showering is a matter of practice.
  • Brushing: Before you wash the horse, it should be brushed thoroughly. Here, also pay special attention to untangle the mane and tail while they are still dry, if the hair is wet, it can break off more easily.
  • Procedure: Work up from the legs, front to back, the head at the very end, only if the horse really likes water and preferably clean only with a sponge/washcloth.
  • Shampooing: Wet the horse well, then work in shampoo and then rinse thoroughly, no shampoo may remain in the coat.
  • Conditioner: To provide the coat with optimal moisture after washing, conditioner can be used (e.g. Easy Groom Conditioner).

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Juli 2021