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Moser Animal

... is your specialist for fur care at home. True to the motto #healthyanaimalsarehappyanimals, all products are easy to use, gentle in application on the animal no matter if you use a trimmer, clipper or brush from MOSER Animal for your pet.

Cordless Nail Grinder

Item No. 2302-0050
€ 29,99 Add to cart


Item No. 2999-7195
€ 17,99 Add to cart

Curry Comb

Item No. 2999-7095
€ 15,99 Add to cart

Shedding Rake

Item No. 2999-7135
€ 14,99 Add to cart

Flexible Slicker Brush

Item No. 2999-7085
€ 14,99 Add to cart

Rubber Bush Sheddy

Item No. 2999-7035
€ 12,99 Add to cart

Large Slicker Brush

Item No. 2999-7075
€ 12,00 Add to cart

Pawspray Pretty Paw

Item No. 2999-7730
€ 9,98 Not available

Grooming Glove

Item No. 2999-7375
€ 9,98 Add to cart

Medium Slicker Brush

Item No. 2999-7065
€ 9,98 Add to cart

Two-sided Brush

Item No. 2999-7025
€ 9,98 Add to cart

Spray Shampoo Speedy Sponge

Item No. 2999-7620
€ 9,98 Not available

Moser Towel Bamboo

Item No. 0092-6065
€ 8,98 Not available

Grooming Comb

Item No. 2999-7165
€ 8,98 Add to cart

Small Slicker Brush

Item No. 2999-7055
€ 8,98 Add to cart

Nail Clipper

Item No. 2999-7005
€ 7,98 Add to cart

Nail Scissors

Item No. 2999-7225
€ 4,99 Add to cart

Wahl Professional

... offers well thought-out answers for the grooming of horses and cattle. The reliable trimmers and clippers combine the latest technology with user-friendly handling. Their high quality makes them particularly durable. The range is completed with the high-quality WAHL shampoos and brushes.

WAHL Eclipse

Item No. 258-42001
€ 459,99 Add to cart

Fusion Shear + extra shearcomb

Item No. 258-40012-P1
€ 439,00 Add to cart

Wahl Fusion Shear

Item No. 258-40012
€ 439,00 Add to cart

Fusion Clipper + extra blades

Item No. 258-40712-P1
€ 399,00 Add to cart

Wahl Fusion Clipper

Item No. 258-40712
€ 399,00 Add to cart

Wahl Legend

Item No. 258-39800
€ 349,00 Add to cart

Wahl KM Cordless

Item No. 1262-0471
€ 339,00 Add to cart

Wahl Star

Item No. 258-39701
€ 299,00 Not available

Wahl Star

Item No. 258-39700
€ 299,00 Add to cart

Wahl Avalon

Item No. 1290-0472
€ 269,00 Add to cart
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Tradition, quality and precision

Since 1946 we are a traditional Black Forest company with many years of experience in the manufacture of high-quality animal hair clippers. Under the brands Moser Animal, WAHL Professional and LISTER we and our sister company Lister Shearing Equipment Ltd. from Great Britain offer a range of high-quality trimmer, corded and cordless clippers as well as various accessories for pet, horses and cattle. The blade set of every clipper is the heart and determines the cutting performance in perfection.

Together we have over a century of experience and set high quality standards for our products. A further requirement on ourselves is to offer the optimum solution for as many areas of application as possible: For hobby and professional users, for detail up to full clipping, for pet, horse or cattle.

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