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See what our partners on Team WAHL have to say about us:

Bernadette Brune


We have been working with WAHL Professional clippers for years and are very satisfied with the handling and the result. For me it is totally important that the horses are clipped very precisely, for this you simply need very good equipment.

Johannes Ehning


The right CHOICE for us!
For us as a professional stable, it is important that everything works, is easy and quick to use and at the same time makes our horses look good. And that's exactly why we have with WAHL Professional the right partner at our side. Thanks to their design, the clippers fit comfortably in the hand and are also comfortably quiet, so that even our younger and inexperienced horses can be clipped easily with them. We have never had a case where we have injured the skin - that's the way it should be.
Overall, we are very satisfied with the clippers from WAHL!

Marcus Ehning


We use the different WAHL Professional clippers and trimmers because they are very practical and we and the horses are very happy with the results.

Oliver Klimmt


Thanks to the wide range of smooth-running clippers and trimmer, we have the right machine available at any time, from the Shetland pony to the sensitive jumper. Also the fast and uncomplicated service can fully convince.

Tanja Klink

Western & Groomer

Tina Dufour

Horse Groomer

Daniel Deußer


Valérie Trambouze

Valérie Trambouze